Friday, 15 February 2019

Licenced Timeshare Resale Broker Association is backed up by TUG2 (Timeshare Users Group)


Heads UP: Licenced Timeshare Resale Broker Association is backed up by TUG2 (Timeshare Users Group) updated 2019

I got in trouble because I signed a Timeshare Contract. I then repented about how stupid I was, and

yELP TUG2 SCAMThen I found out that LTRBA owner, Brian Rogers, owns TUG2 (Timeshare Users Group)  as well. This all has made feel so uncomfortable with TUG2 that I decided to delete the ads of my timeshare unit and quit the site.
Please Timeshare Owners anywhere if you read this heads up with TUG2 o Tugbbs or or com whatever they are. Please Delete your ads and your private information.
I read somewhere on the internet that Private Data is the most valuable thing a website can extract from your ignorance.
There's DATA badly manipulated that is sold to the best buyer, in this case, might be LTRBA or whatever.

TUG2 (Timeshare Users Group) a Pseudo Non-Profit Organization.

I´m not saying that I got documented evidences but I want prevent people about this Pseudo Non-profit organization called TUG2. Nonetheless, On TUG official web (though I found 4 websites)
They openly recommends to make business with LTRBA and some others scams as Interval International, Timeshare Resale Closings which are Non-accredited by Better Business Bureau.

TUG2 owner Brian Rogers sustained that TUG2 is an Upfront-Fee SCAM business.

Brian Rogers Sustains that TUG" is an UP-front Fee SCAM business
Brian Rogers  sustains that TUG2 is SCAM

 Just in case you ask your self if this images are a Photoshop creation, take for sure that theses screenhots were taken from the TUG2 Forum Itself.

Don´t you know that Interval International so as Wyndham Resorts and RCI are all entangled in a scam-network of criminals?

Take care please, You might be SCAMMED by a TUG2 outside accomplice.
now I need to get rid of it as soon as possible. I subscribed and paid membership on TUG2 (Timeshare User Group) because it was a popular site on the Internet. It seems to be a trusted site by Timeshare Users. The problem with TUG2 is that it has been related to a Non-accredited business called Licenced Timeshare Broker Association by the reputable organization Better Business Bureau.



    This is my complain on Complainboard.


  4. Thanks for the info, I am really surprised knowing how big the timeshares world is.

  5. Thanks again its good to know many of the things that I am reading here.

  6. It is good to know many of this information in order to know all the situations we can face.

  7. Hi, I been looking for this information many time, good blog, I am really surprised for the comments.

  8. I was expecting another information I am really surprised too, but good info tho.

  9. Thanks for sharing with us all the real info about Tug2 it is really impressive to read all the comments.

  10. It seems to be a good blog, but i have my doubts because something I have read.

  11. I decided to delete my ad because I was no comfortable because of the lack of real information. I hope you can do the same.

  12. same here I can say this comments say the truth about tug2 forum

  13. Really??? what about my personal information on the tug2 forum?

    1. I think they just stole your personal info

  14. interesting what their own fans said about that forum

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